More than a meeting.

We were created to live in community with others, which is exactly what Veritas Small groups provide. They are a time to gather together weekly to pray, study God’s word, and share life with one another. However, life is more than one day a week, and so our small groups are not meant to just be a weekly meeting. They’re a way of walking through the daily good, bad, and mundane – together. Veritas small groups are the primary way we move our hearts and minds to believe Jesus is More, which happens through grace and truth in the context of relationships over time. 

Grace: As those who have been saved by grace, it’s important that we show grace to others. However, this doesn’t happen by our own strength. Rather, the power to be gracious to others comes from God, the one who was first exceedingly gracious to us.

Truth: The strongest relationships don’t shy away from speaking truth. Jesus wants us to be in relationships that make a practice of listening to, studying, and speaking the truths of the Bible to one another so that together we will be made whole.

Relationships: Without significant, intentional and authentic Christian friendships in our lives, we inhibit our ability to be faithful to Jesus and his mission. Christian community is essential, not optional, for our growth.

Over Time: For the most part, none of us change immediately, or even quickly. Instead, growth is a long and slow march toward maturity. Just like physical growth, to mature together as God’s people takes time.

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