Not Satisfied Enough

[Speaker: Cole Moog] We all crave satisfaction from somewhere. We have culture offering us so many different ways to be satisfied, but are any of them truly lasting? Listen as Cole takes us through the story of King Solomon and how his endless pursuit of all things pleasurable led him to love the gifts and forget the giver.

Emilee Meurer
Not Loved Enough

[Speaker: Emilee Meurer] We all have a deep longing to be loved. Whether that be from our friends or significant other, our parents, our professors. It can be easy to look to the people around us for meaning, identity, and a sense of worth. Listen as Emilee takes us through the story of Leah, who was rejected by the people around her, and yet God saw her – and he loved her.

Emilee Meurer
Not Good Enough

[Speaker: Kermit Summerall] If you've ever felt like you're not good enough, that you'll never measure up, Jacob's story is for you. The wounds of Jacob's early life sent him running scared, endlessly grasping at anything to feel good enough. One dark and lonely night, everything changed when he got desperate enough to grasp onto God and never let go.

Emilee Meurer
Not Seen Enough

[Speaker: Audrey High] We often feel like we aren't being seen. Whether by friends, by family or by God, that feeling of being ignored or looked over is hard. What do we do with that feeling? How should we respond? Are we truly ever not seen? Listen as we look at Hagar's story to see how she dealt with not being seen, and how God responded to her despite her circumstances.

Emilee Meurer
Not Impressive Enough

[Speaker: Jensen Holt McNair] We live in a culture that is constantly telling us how we can be more impressive. The expectation of perfection that is placed on us is enough to make us crack under the pressure and long for relief. Listen as we hear the story of Zerubbabel, who didn't meet the expectations placed on him, and see that ultimate freedom is found in Christ.

Emilee Meurer
Not Patient Enough
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[Speaker: Justin Derks] We've grown up being told by parents and teachers, "Patience is a virtue." Now while that is great to hear, I'm sure we all can think of ways we have been impatient recently. Listen as Justin kicks off our sermon series for this summer by looking at the story of Sarah and her impatience with God's promises.

Emilee Meurer